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Fear of Flying Tips & Advice

Top Ten: Fear of flying tips and suggestions
Why is it okay to be afraid of flying?
Fatigue and Anxiety
Where’s the Best Place to Sit on a Plane?
Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Up
Can becoming a parent cause a fear of flying?

Projecting Your Fear onto Your Kids

Basic Tips for Traveling with Your Children


What causes turbulence when flying? (Turbulence Part I)
Can a plane fly through a hurricane? (Turbulence Part II)
What happens if a plane is struck by lightning?
How does weather cause delays when flying?
How do weather delays improve safety?
Is it safe to fly when it’s really hot outside?
Why you should always wear your seat elt
How do our primal instincts influence our response to turbulence?

Takeoffs & Landings

How dangerous is a bird strike for an airplane?
How do pilots land the plane in bad weather?
Are go-arounds in an airliner dangerous? (Part I)
Are go-arounds in an airliner dangerous? (Part II)
How does the plane stop so quickly?
Maintenance Repairs: How do I know the plane is safe to fly?

Safety & Technology

What are the chances of colliding with another plane?
How safe is it to fly over water?
How safe and reliable is the maintenance of commercial airliners?
Do we really need to “turn off all portable electronic devices” when on an airplane?
What are the truth and myths about oxygen masks on airplanes?
What does it mean when the pilots declare an emergency?

Pilots & Pre-Flight Preparation

 Are We Going to Run Out of Gas?!

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