Welcome to Scared Flightless!

Approximately one in five people in the US admit toProfile Pic having a fear of flying.  The purpose of this blog is to help people feel more comfortable about riding on commercial airliners by answering questions and presenting factual information about flying in an easy to understand format.  My name is Matt and I’m an airline pilot for a major US airline.  As such, I have spent many years flying both domestic and international routes.  Throughout my career I have flown a variety of different airplanes to hundreds of cities on just about every continent (to all except Australia and Antarctica).  Along the way I’ve met a wide array of passengers who experience feelings ranging from mild anxiety to an overwhelming fear when they travel on airplanes.  By providing information from the unique perspective of an airline pilot, I hope to educate and reassure passengers that they have nothing to fear because flying is one of the absolute safest modes of transportation in existence today.

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Example Questions:

What causes turbulence when flying?

How dangerous is a bird strike for an airplane?

What happens if the plane is struck by lightning?

Top Ten: Fear of flying tips and suggestions

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