Scared Flightless is the book fearful fliers have been waiting for.

Whether it is minor stress or debilitating anxiety, fear of flying affects millions of people. You are not alone.

Co-authors Nathan Feiles, MSW, LCSW and Captain Matt Clark combine the guidance of a seasoned therapist with the insight of a veteran commercial airline pilot to provide readers with a proven method to help them overcome their fear of flying.

Scared Flightless empowers readers with step-by-step techniques, as well as an inside look at how flying works. This book is designed to be used before and during flights to learn:

  • What contributes to developing a fear of flying.
  • How to positively transform your overall flying experience.
  • How to stop thoughts that create anxiety and panic.
  • How to manage the emotions that can accompany (and lead up to) flying.
  • What the pilots are actually doing and thinking throughout the various phases of flight.

By demystifying many of the common questions about flying and offering self-applied techniques to help transform your flying experience, there is no reason why you can’t overcome your fear.



Nathan Feiles, MSW, LCSW

Nathan Feiles, MSW, LCSW is a psychotherapist and specialty coach in private practice in New York City. His work with fear of flying and creation of the “Balanced Flying Method” has earned global recognition. Nathan works with people all over the world on overcoming fear of flying as well as helping improve the quality of their daily lives.


Captain Matt Clark

Captain Matt Clark is a commercial pilot for a major US airline. Throughout his career, he has flown a variety of small, medium, and large aircraft both in and around the US and across much of the globe. Through his active outreach, Matt has spent many years sharing his passion and knowledge of aviation by effectively addressing the questions and concerns of anxious flyers.