How strong is an airplane wing?

WINGS: Here is a stress test performed on the wing of a Boeing 777.  Engineers wanted to demonstrate that the wing could withstand the worst winds, weather, and turbulence that the airplane could ever encounter.  Just to demonstrate how safe the wing would be, they increased the stress on the wing to 150% of the worst conditions ever possible (and the wing remained undamaged!)

How reliable are jet engines?

Engines: This is a test that all engine manufacturers perform on their engines.  Regardless of the quantity of rain, snow, or hail, the engine continues to perform normally.  Even a flock of small birds is not enough to keep the engine from running!

Fear of flying help from a pilot

This is a video produced by Virgin Atlantic, with one of their pilots explaining what is going on during each phase of the flight.  It may not touch on every question that you have but it is very informative and helpful as it presents the actual sights and sounds with each explanation.

How to pick a comfortable seat…

Here’s a video with some tips on how to get the best seat possible when booking a flight.

How to prepare for a long flight…

Here are some tips on what to bring and do in preparation for your flight.

How to get some sleep on a plane…

Here are some tips for getting comfortable and sleeping on your flight.

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